Get your CIBIL & Experian credit score, reports & insights regularly on OneScore

Get your C I B I L & Experience credit score, reports & insights regularly on One Score.
One Score is the best app to check to your  credit score & understand to your credit report. 
Now a check & track to your C I B I L score along with your Experience credit score with a One Score. Download in  the latest version of  the One Score to check to your C I B I L score now!
Everyone with a loan or a credit card has a credit score, & staying up to date on yours is crucial. Your credit score affects to your major purchases – your car, your house, & even paying for your education. It makes a sense to not a only track to your credit score but also take in the necessary steps to the  improve it.
One Score helps you understand your credit score for free & monitor it is a regularly. We give you insights on what makes up your score & alert you when something changes in your report. Using a One Score does not a hurt to your score (but not using it may!).
We are understand that your credit score is a key piece of  the personal information. Do not worry, unlike other apps that spam you with a loan offers, we do not a use this information for a sourcing loans for a financial institutions. None of your information is shared with any third parties or a institutions.

Inconsistent email ids across accounts? Using  too much of your credit card in a limits? Someone inquiring in the Bureau on your behalf? We will highlight all the small & large aspects of your score to help you decide if you wish to act upon or a change them to the improve to  your score.
There are 4 credit bureaus in a India –  Experience, Equinox & C R I F High Mark. One Score shows your C I B I L credit score & Experience credit score & helps you keep track of both of them individually.

Key Features
 Credit Report: Track to your score on the go & understand the factors that are impact to your score. Your score will be a updated every month.
Now One Score shows to your C I B I L score along with a Experience score.
Credit Score Insights: One Score will be a analyze & highlight any aspects that need to your attention.
🗒️Credit Score Planner: Use our planner to get a useful insights on how to the improve to  your score.
🛡️Safe & Secure: Totally Safe &  the Secure. None of your information is a  shared with a any third party or a institution.
Credit Score(क्रेडिट स्कोर) Basics
◼ Credit score is a calculated based on the data that is a provided by the lending institutions to the bureaus. 
◼ A credit score indicates to your creditworthiness to the  potential lenders such as banks & mortgage lenders. It is a indicates how to the responsible you are likely to be in paying off your balances. 
◼ Credit is a scored on a scale that ranges from a 300 to 900. The higher in the number, the better off you are. Get a started on your credit journey here!
◼ Keeping to a good credit score is a beneficial while a applying for a job. Employers check credit scores to check how responsible in  the candidate is before hiring.
Who can enroll on a One Score?
Anybody with a loan or credit card can get a One Score & check in their credit score. You need to be a over the age of 18 with a valid PAN card number that can be matched to a credit profile from the Experience credit bureau. 
What info do I need to have a handy when I sign up?
To sign up, we will ask you for a some basic personal information such as your mobile number, email ID & name. Next, we will authenticate you with a One Time Password (O T P) sent to your registered mobile number. In a case we are not able to find your credit report, we may ask you for some additional information such as your PAN Number, Date of Birth.
Will using a One Score hurt my credit score?
It would not. You can use all the  One Score features without a affecting to your credit score.
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