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Live English learning, English speaking, Penguin Readers, Upskill Assessment

Live English learning, English speaking, Penguin Readers, Up skill Assessment.

Learning English is all about a practicing to speak a confidently and  the fluently.

The en-guru Live English Learning app helps you improve to  your spoken and written English through online live classes with a expert teachers, special reader versions of the bestselling novels, and a free self-learning course. Now you can also prove your level of the English for a potential employers with a certificate of the global leader in a English language tests, Cambridge Up skill.

With a Pal Fish, kids can be a browse countless well-known picture books and enjoy screen time with a knowledge and fun.

• Live English Classes with a English Speaking in a Practice: Our live classes are led by a Cambridge qualified teachers and are filled with a speaking activities where you get to the  practice English speaking.

• Your first day of  the live classes is a completely FREE– take as many classes as you like in your free plan. 
• After to your free classes, choose a subscription in a  plan: Gold (8 students / class), Silver (12 students / class) or a Bronze (25 students / class) 
• We are offer UNLIMITED classes for in the subscription period you choose: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. 
• Live Classes for a people of all  the levels – Beginner, Medium or Hard. We are also provide a separate classes for a Kids! 
• Penguin Readers in a Subscription – access the best contemporary fiction, essential non-fiction and popular classic novels written for a learners of  the English. 
• Prove to your English skills to the world with the Revolutionary Up skill from a Cambridge test. Cambridge English’s first mobile based assessment. Exclusively are available on a en-guru. 
• Engage are Readers in a Subscription - Learn science & social studies through fun stories & photos, written at the different reading levels. Tied to your child's curriculum! 
• Practice a improving to  your English with our FREE self-learning course. 600 levels of the vocabulary and grammar.

We resolved all these issues by a developing a speaking partner with a many functionalities. Most important ones are -
1. A super-intelligent Voice Bot speaker that will be a available on your phone 24/7 to practice and the  learn, which will be a make learning fun and will be a help in improving to your vocabulary efficiently.
2. She can speak, she can listen, she can understand you, she will be a applaud for you when you are correct and most importantly, she will be a correct your pronunciations whenever you will make one while a practicing, in a non-intrusive manner and she would not judge you ever on your knowledge.

Personalized a material for each user - She will be a communicate with you as if you are having a conversation with your friend on topics starting from your daily needs to your interview are needs.

You just a need to practice with our Speaker and you gradually learn to the converse. You need not a worry about Grammar.

By a simply listening and the practicing, one can be a improve in their knowledge of the vocabulary and sentence formation and can be have a super easy access to these lessons anytime and anywhere even if your phone is in a offline mode.

Do not a memorize anything - Comes with a Audio-Visuals so that you do not have to the memorize anything on a daily basis.

Instant in a results/feedback that will be help you in the improvement of your vocabulary with a pronunciation in a skills.

The app itself makes to your efficiency certain about your learning by a tracking your progress as you practice. The level of  the difficulty will be a  increase with your progress over time and it will be a  help you increase your communication and  the pronunciation.

Our app are provides you a platform where you can be a improve to your speaking skills using only words you already know. Offline or a online that is up to you.

About a 30 days of  the self-practice with our Voice Is bot will be a take away all your hesitation, boost to  your confidence and you will have all the weapons (words, sentences, daily use a English) in your belt.

Time to go live to the master to your communication skills and fluency.

To master your speaking fluency & the communication skills, you need an a English speaking  partner to the  practice with, without a breaking to your bank(or a loan E M I s).

Welcome to  the Speaks Club (designed for a B.Tech & MBA students)
1. practice a English live 1:1 under expert guidance
2. new topics & new partners are daily
3. mistakes explained by a experts after a every session
4. private network, members only
5. best for a campus placement/job seekers

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