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PA PA Pagali Project 2021 – Download Official Circular For Details

PA PA Pagali Project on 2021 – Download to a Official Circular For a Details.

PA PA Pagali Project on  2021 : According to the resolution taken on the reading, in the year on a 2021-2, through in the project “Pa Pa Pagali”, in  the children of  the 3-4 years coming to the  Anganwadi should be given a strong foundation for in  their quality of life in the important years of  the life. The child should be a  develop a holistically and be a prepared for a kindergarten education The government has a kept.

અહીંથી વાંચો પ્રવાસી શિક્ષક ભરતી પરિપત્ર

PA PA Pagali Project on 2021

Under in the new education policy on 2020, per-primary education is a considered a very important for in the child’s further schooling. For a in this, per-primary education has to be a given to the children from a 3 to 6 years in a Anganwadi. Thus in the important foundation of a child’s education in a  (2-3 years) will be a laid in the Anganwadi of the state. After a 3 years, the child will be a  leave Anganwadi and enter in the school in preparatory class.

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PA PA Pagali Project on 2021

Download Patriot PDF

Download to a Detailed Circular Regarding to a PA PA Pagali in a Project

 PA PA Pagali Project on  2021

The program are officer will be have to verify the qualifications and the  experience prescribed for a each post and  the suggest a list for  appointment. I C D S. Office Corporation are outsourced agency from a District Panchayat to the candidate. The agency will be  have to remove them immediately after to a receiving instructions to the terminate in the services as well. According to the jury, in a  qualified manpower should be a provided with a immediate in the effect.

In a case of any a financial loss to the government by the manpower provided by the outsourced in the agency, in the amount should be a paid to the government by in the outsourced agency and in the required bond should be a obtained. Will be a confiscated as well as a action will be a taken under in the Indian Criminal Code if a necessary.The outsourced agency shall we make all the  deductions as per the prevailing policy-rules of the Government. As well as the amount of the  such deduction to be a credited as per the rules credited to the respective account Will be a have to be done.

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