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Unit Test Question Papers English Medium Standard 3rd to 8th

Unit Test Question Papers English Medium Standard 3rd to 8th

  • english mediume unit test paper std. 3rd to 8th.

Unit Test (Periodic Test) English Medium - October 2020

After the first unit test for Std-9 to 12 students was held in all the schools of the state at the end of July, now the second unit test will be held at the end of October . This has been officially announced by the education department. Accordingly, the second unit test will be held on October 2 and 3. The question papers will be available to the students in soft copy or hard copy by October 4. This time also question papers will be made available on the website. So that the parents do not have difficulty in getting the paper. The answer book of the unit test written answer should be submitted to the school by 5th September.

The test papers to be taken by the education department on October 27 and 28 have been posted on the online GCERT site. Download the pdf and fill the test. Must be sent to your teachers by 11-11-2020.

● Unit Test Question Papers

● Unit Test (Periodic Test) Gujarati Medium

● Unit test papers of Std. 3 to 8 have been posted in PDF on the website of GCERT and GSEB.

You can also download Standard Wise English Medium Papers from the following link ....!

1 EVS standard - 3:: unit test paper

2  EVS standard - 4 :: unit test paper

3 EVS standard - 5 :: unit test paper

4 MATHS standard - 5 :: unit test paper 

5 MATHS standard - 6 :: unit test paper 

6 MATHS standard - 7 :: unit test paper

7 MATHS standard - 8 :: unit test paper 

8 SCIENCE Standard - 6 :: unit test paper 

9 SCIENCE Standard - 7 :: unit test paper

10 SCIENCE Standard - 8 :: unit test paper

11 SOCIEL SCIENCE Standard - 6 :: unit test paper

12 SOCIEL SCIENCEStandard - 7 :: unit test paper

13 SOCIEL SCIENCE Standard - 8 :: unit test paper

According to information received, schools in the state are currently closed due to Corona but online studies are being conducted. A unit test was organized by the education department to check whether the children are understanding properly in the online study as well as to prepare them from now on if the students are weak in any subject. In which after the unit test was held for the students of Std-9 to 12 at the end of July, now the second unit test has been organized at the end of October .


Apart from primary schools in the state, unit tests will also be held in secondary and higher secondary schools on October 3 and 4. Examination of environment subject will be taken in Std-6 to 8. While in Std-6 to 8 science and social science subjects will be examined. For this examination, question papers in hard copy or soft copy will be sent to the students by 5th October . Parents have to submit the answer books of the question papers to the school by September 7.

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