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October Unit test Question paper std 5 maths

 October Unit test Question paper std 5 maths

Because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, most education institutions across the OECD decided to shut their campuses. As a result, teaching and assessment activities are conducted from a distance, generally online. supported the literature and on the experiences of the international network of upper education institutions participating within the project on Fostering and Assessing Creativity and important Thinking of the OECD Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI), this brief outlines possible short-term and long-term solutions for organising student examinations on line within the context of campus closures and social distancing measures.

This policy brief explores the subsequent questions:

What are the challenges and solutions to designing and conducting end-of-term examinations on line following campus closures?

What new sorts of examinations could replace or supplement the mainstream methods within the future?

The report titled The State of Online Examinations 2020 also states that 77% of respondents comply with haven't conducted online entrance exams

70% of educational institutes underline cheating prevention because the most pressing concern within the shift to internet-based tests 

58% participants feel COVID-19 impact will expedite the shift to online exams that's likely to sustain

GURGAON, India, Aug. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- 83% of educational institutions have either shifted to or are getting to shift exams online, consistent with a report titled The State of Online Examinations 2020. The sector's swift embrace of online platforms to conduct exams reflects its desire and resilience to take care of educational continuity amid the shortage of clarity on the return to normalcy. The recently launched report by Mercer | Mettl, a number one global online examination and proctoring company, deep-dives into the impact of COVID-19 disruption on universities and their challenges in shifting all stakeholders to online exam platforms. 


The report surveyed over 500 leaders, consisting of deans, directors, CIOs, IT heads, HoDs and controllers of examinations (COE) from reputed colleges and universities in India and abroad. Most educational institutions are wont to traditional centre-based exams and are late entrants to the web education technology space. About 77% of respondents haven't conducted online entrance examinations, as per the report. 

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