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Gujarat Corona update date 31 August 2020

Gujarat Corona update date 31 August 2020

"Hopefully, in the next few months, that is, by Diwali, it will be overcome by stopping the spread of the corona," said Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan. He has taught us that it will be normal for something new to happen now. We all have to be more careful and vigilant about our lifestyle. After a while this will become a local problem like other viruses in the past. He hoped that the vaccine would arrive by the end of the year. It is to be mentioned that the trial on Oxford vaccine is going on in India. There is a lot of hope on Oxford vaccine covishield. There are more than 35 lakh 42 thousand cases in the country at present. About 63,000 people have died so far.

According to the corporation, the number of positive cases of corona in Surat city district has reached 20,757. The death toll from the corona in the city district has risen to 811. On the previous day, 128 corona positive patients from the city and 78 corona patients from the district were discharged after recovering from the corona. So the number of patients recovering has reached 17,079.

A total of 16,294 cases in the city and 4463 in the district
A total of 614 deaths have been reported in 16,294 positive cases in Surat city. While in Surat district out of total 4463, 197 have died. In Surat city district, 811 deaths have been reported in 20,757 cases. A total of 13384 patients have been discharged in Surat city so far. Today, 3695 rural patients have recovered.

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