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Gujarat Corona update date 31 August 2020

Gujarat Corona update date 31 August 2020

"Hopefully, in the next few months, that is, by Diwali, it will be overcome by stopping the spread of the corona," said Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan. He has taught us that it will be normal for something new to happen now. We all have to be more careful and vigilant about our lifestyle. After a while this will become a local problem like other viruses in the past. He hoped that the vaccine would arrive by the end of the year. It is to be mentioned that the trial on Oxford vaccine is going on in India. There is a lot of hope on Oxford vaccine covishield. There are more than 35 lakh 42 thousand cases in the country at present. About 63,000 people have died so far.

According to the corporation, the number of positive cases of corona in Surat city district has reached 20,757. The death toll from the corona in the city district has risen to 811. On the previous day, 128 corona positive patients from the city and 78 corona patients from the district were discharged after recovering from the corona. So the number of patients recovering has reached 17,079.

A total of 16,294 cases in the city and 4463 in the district
A total of 614 deaths have been reported in 16,294 positive cases in Surat city. While in Surat district out of total 4463, 197 have died. In Surat city district, 811 deaths have been reported in 20,757 cases. A total of 13384 patients have been discharged in Surat city so far. Today, 3695 rural patients have recovered.
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August Unit test std 11 pdf Gujarat

August Unit test std 11 pdf Gujarat

Delivery and technology
If your school must close , there are several ways to maneuver content and lessons online.

Many schools already use Microsoft Systems like Office 365 or Google Apps like Google Classroom, both of which are free for educational settings and may be downloaded or found out to use quickly and simply . Schools that already use these systems don't got to rush to new technology. In fact, now's the time to stay things simple and utilise the tools already embedded in your school.

In light of the coronavirus, companies like Microsoft and Google have opened the supply of their remote learning tools to colleges and are offering support to teachers and students to assist them use their resources.

Independent Thinking suggests that schools should consider remote learning via technology for college kids in Key Stage 2 and above. For those learners in Early Years and Key Stage 1, it's more appropriate to possess a system in situ to share learning activities and resources with parents.

One of the most important concerns for teachers is how they're going to still engage students and keep an eye fixed on their progress from afar.

Fortunately, there are free online resources available from variety of organisations, including British Council and BBC Bitesize, that provide interactive activities for college kids of all ages, to stay their brains active while also testing their ability.

Additionally, online learning platform Sumdog offers variety of fun and challenging maths and literacy games for youngsters aged 4-11. Through Sumdog, teachers can set homework challenges and track children’s progress. Also useful are websites for younger audiences, parents, and teachers to seek out homework and independent learning resources like Primary Homework Help.

For older students, Seneca Learning provides free materials for college kids taking their GCSEs or A-Levels. Teachers also can utilise Microsoft Forms and Google Forms to make their own quizzes and test students. EdFuturists is sharing useful videos for teachers on its Twitter page on the way to create engaging activities for college kids using Google Apps.

With this increased specialise in digital learning, more children are going to be accessing content online. Therefore, the most important priority for both teachers and fogeys is keeping students safe. One forward-thinking deputy headteacher from Dubai created an infographic with some great safeguarding questions schools should ask as they move to distance learning.

National Online Safety also offers a free comprehensive guide online safety tips for youngsters which is well well worth the read for both parents and teachers. The guide encourages teachers to be clear with learners and fogeys about the way to interact online and recommends that teachers create consent forms that are shared with parents, particularly within the case of younger children.

Something else for teachers to think about is that not all students have access to devices or maybe an online connection. With this in mind, we might encourage schools to supply support, where feasible, with loans and access to technology.

However, screen time for the whole length of the varsity day is neither stimulating nor healthy. within the case of younger children, World Health Organisation guidance says those aged 3-4 should only spend a maximum of an hour at a time ahead of a screen. Pobble has created 25 ideas for non-screen activities for grade school children which will be done reception .
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August Unit test std 10 pdf Gujarat

August Unit test std 10 pdf Gujarat

Schools across the world have already closed the wake of the coronavirus pandemic – including those within the UK from Friday March 20th – and lots of more are expected to shutter over subsequent few weeks.

As a result, teachers are suddenly faced with the challenge of the way to continue their students’ education. While this might sound a frightening task, there are several ways teachers can utilise the technology and resources already available to support online learning and ensure students still receive a top quality education.

It’s important to notice that there's nobody size fits all when it involves learning. Different groups have different priorities and therefore the resources that ought to be used are context-dependent. There also are special considerations to believe for college kids with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), and for college kids who won't have access to high-speed broadband.

However, teachers should take some comfort within the incontrovertible fact that there are many online resources to guide them on the way to teach online. we've rounded up a number of the simplest here to assist ease the transition from the classroom to the online .

Taking a step back
The main piece of recommendation to educators is to require a step back and specialise in what matters most. this suggests that prioritising the creation of an open and clear channel of communication with both students and fogeys is an important initiative .

As an initial resource, Mark Anderson, ICT Evangelist, has created this handy infographic to assist teachers believe the primary steps that require to be put in situ during a possible school closure, to guide key deciding during the process:

This infographic may be a great resource for teachers because it encourages them to require that step back and calmly plan and steel oneself against teaching online. The ISC Digital Strategy Group and Edtech UK have also published a Developing Digital Leadership Bulletin which incorporates advice and practical steps for schools within the event of closures.

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August Unit test paper and solution pdf gujarat std 9

August Unit test paper and solution pdf gujarat std 9

Independence is vital . Montessori argued that children got to learn through experimentation and practice which independence can build a child’s sense of confidence. In my family, there's always a tension between wanting my child to try to to something independently and therefore the got to leap out the door.

Right now, parents have the gift of your time . Allow a young child to practice tying their shoes or an older child a chance to unravel a puzzle or problem without solving it for them. Likewise, don’t feel as if you would like to rush in to repair every problem. Invite children to return up with their own solutions or try things first without coming to you for assistance.

Help with household chores. Inevitably, having children reception goes to make more mess, more dishes, more unidentified sticky globs on the ground and chairs and, in my house, windows. Help your child to spot some daily chores they will accomplish on their own as a neighborhood of the routine. Have your child make a box or bag or chart that lists activities they will do once they feel bored otherwise you need them to play independently.

Keep up skills, with an accent on fun. It never hurts to practice basic skills, but leave children to try to to this creatively. Playing cards and using dice are often an exquisite tool for reviewing math skills. Cooking offers ample opportunities to use ratios or measure fractions.

Reviewing these basic skills never hurts and may strengthen understanding for more advanced concepts, and it doesn't require expensive materials. Games and puzzles build skills in logic and reasoning, but also in taking turns, planning, and artistic problem solving.




Make time for literacy.Reading can mean many things. Children can read directions to a game, read a book to a younger sibling, read a comic book , read a newspaper story, read a biography, hack a newspaper and arrange the words into a poem. they will write a letter to a far-off friend or a close-by neighbor who might need support, or draw an image of what happens next during a story or movie.
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August Unit Test Gujarat Std 5 paper and solution pdf Environment

August Unit Test Gujarat Std 5 pdf  Environment

The list of educational applications, platforms and resources below aim to assist parents, teachers, schools and faculty administrators facilitate student learning and supply social care and interaction during times of faculty closure. Most of the solutions curated are free and lots of cater to multiple languages. While these solutions don't carry UNESCO’s explicit endorsement, they have a tendency to possess a good reach, a robust user-base and evidence of impact. they're categorized supported distance learning needs, but most of them offer functionalities across multiple categories.

With schools closed across the country in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and most of the people sticking very on the brink of home, suddenly parents are confronted with the sometimes dismaying prospect of keeping their kids occupied, day in and outing .

One viral tweet from a British professor early within the shutdown summed it up: “I am half-hour into home schooling my 6 year old. I suggest that each one school teachers be paid £1 million per annum from now on.”

That doesn’t mean there aren't things we will all do with our youngsters , said Erin Seaton, a senior lecturer within the Department of Education within the School of Arts and Sciences. From creating new routines to devising project-based learning, she thinks parents can turn a potentially distressing time to a chance for brand spanking new sorts of learning.

At an equivalent time, she recommends talking together with your child about the changes happening within the world. “Take cues from their questions, and respond with honesty and reassurance,” she said. “Seek out support,” she added. “Ask friends and relatives what they're doing to stay busy.”

Here are Seaton’s recommendations about the way to help children deal with such a lot time isolated reception .

Routines are important. during a chaotic and unsure world, schools can provide a structure that's comforting to a toddler . Losing this routine can leave children unsettled. believe when your child will do best with more structured times, and once you need your child to be independent for your own sanity or work schedule.

Invite your child to assist you create a routine and check out to stay with it. integrate breaks, and if you'll , attempt to find time for your child to travel outside. believe spaces that are best for working and learning—sharing these are often challenging. attempt to carve out a corner or counter space for your child to consistently work.

Establish screen time guidelines. Talk through screen time before time, in order that your child knows what the expectations are. confine mind that unsupervised screen time during a crisis could be scary for young children; have to-go and approved apps and programs a toddler can access on their own.

“Follow the kid .” Italian educator Maria Montessori urges parents to “follow the child”—observe a child’s passions and tailor their education to them. Learning reception offers children an opportunity to dig deeply into a topic of their own choosing, from baking to politics, computer game design to volcanoes, women’s soccer to activist art.


Focus on project-based learning; help your child to spot a project they will explore deeply and without an excessive amount of guidance or adult support. Can your child create their own paper court and use statistics to point out how they could pick their dream team? albeit they're homebound for now, could they create a itinerary and allow a replacement destination, here on Earth or in space? Can they design their own future city, including the laws and policies they could enact? What wouldn't it appear as if if your child tried to map their neighborhood? Could they create a cookbook with favorite family recipes to share with others?

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August Unit test pdf Gujarat Std 4 Environment

August Unit test pdf Gujarat Std 4 Environment

However, in 2017, the University Grants Commission (UGC) declared that online exams conducted for distance learning degree courses were invalid. Therefore, universities were left with only the opposite option i.e. conducting exams through regional test centres.

Distance Learning Exams Through Regional Test Centres
This is the foremost common way of conducting examinations for distance learning courses in universities in India and therefore the world. the subsequent points contain the small print of distance learning examination process through regional test centres.

Distance learning universities usually have regional test centres at various locations.
Some universities like Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) may have a high number of centres functional in almost every corner of the country. While the amount of test centres for other smaller universities could also be significantly fewer.

Students need to select the regional test centre for his or her course at the time of registration.

Students are required to physically visit these regional test centres of distance learning universities to seem for the examinations.

The duration of distance learning courses is usually flexible. For eg. degree courses in IGNOU are often 3 - 6 years long. In such cases, students have the selection to register for or skip the examinations.

This way of conducting the examinations proves to be the foremost convenient for the schools also because the students. While the schools don't need to invest in expensive infrastructures and may believe their associations with existing institutions, students can simply visit their nearest centre to require exams.

New Examination Process for Distance Learning Courses
However, keeping student safety in mind thanks to the continued COVID-19 crisis, universities are refraining from conducting the examinations through the regional test centre process. UGC constituted a committee of experts who were tasked with suggesting new models for conducting examinations amidst the continued crisis. The committee suggested three new models for conducting examinations. Given below are the small print of those three models.

Model 1: Written Subjective-Type Examinations
The examinations are going to be conducted using Google Classroom and Google Meet.
Classroom and Meet are two software's that are widely getting used to shift ongoing courses to online mode.

Teacher uploads the questions on Google Classrooms.

Student joins Google Meet with camera and audio and accesses the question paper.

The student writes the answers on a clear sheet of paper and uploads an equivalent before the stipulated deadline.

UGC has suggested keeping a maximum deadline of 1.5 hours and a maximum batch size of 30 students for this model.
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August Unit test paper and solution pdf Gujarat std 3 Environment

August Unit test paper and solution  pdf  Gujarat std 3 Environment

Examinations for distance learning courses are usually conducted through regional test centres. However, as COVID-19 has prevented distance learning universities to conduct exams through the standard process, UGC has suggested 3 new models for student evaluation.

Distance Learning is being perceived as a viable alternative nowadays when colleges are forced to shut their campuses and online classroom study has become an option. However, there's a severe lack of infrastructure, information and understanding of distance learning courses.

The students on one hand don't have an entire picture of how Distance Education works and therefore the educational institutions also are deciding various important aspects about delivering courses via distance mode.

Distance Learning / Correspondence is that the mode of study during which a student isn't required to go to their college or institute. Students attend classes online or study via materials delivered to their homes via post. However, one area during which courses delivered via distance mode are problematic is that the conduct of exams.

In this article, we take a glance at the detailed examination process of distance learning courses in India. Students can undergo the varied methods employed by distance education universities to conduct examinations and develop an understanding of the examination process for distance learning courses in India.

Student Evaluation in Distance Learning Courses
The evaluation of a student's performance in distance learning courses is usually supported the subsequent three parameters.

Assignments: Students are given assignments as a part of the course, which they need to submit within a specified deadline.
Tests: Universities mostly conduct online tests for distance learning courses. These tests are conducted at regular intervals throughout the course and are usually MCQ-based.
Examinations: Examinations in distance learning courses are explored intimately further on during this article.

Distance learning universities can also consider the subsequent when assessing students enrolled during a distance learning course.

Forum Discussions: Forums are a neighborhood of just about every distance learning or online course. Students are assessed on their participation in these forums.
Portfolio: Portfolio may be a student-managed collection of points he/she learned during a distance learning course. Examiners or mentors of distance learning courses may check student portfolios at regular intervals.
Evaluation supported Forum Discussions and Portfolio is never seen in distance learning universities. Mostly, the previous three parameters are the sole ones considered by universities. Now, let's take a glance at the examinations in distance learning courses.

Examinations in Distance Learning Courses

Just as is that the case with the other course, conducting exams is an important step in distance education. Universities and colleges assess candidates supported their performance in examinations. Distance learning universities even have to conduct examinations for his or her degree courses. No student are often granted a degree without appearing for an examination conducted by their college or university.


How Distance Learning Universities Conduct Examinations

In the past, distance learning universities had two ways to conduct examinations -- through the web mode or regional centres. Online exams were conducted for degree courses by many of the highest distance learning universities in India like the Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL).

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Oppo will bring a smartphone made of Li-Fi technology, users will be able to access the Internet 100 times faster than Wi-Fi

New technology / Oppo will bring a smartphone made of Li-Fi technology, users will be able to access the Internet 100 times faster than Wi-Fi

  • Smartphone companies are constantly innovating for high speed internet
  • Li-Fi is a special technology in which data transfer is done with the help of LEDs

Delhi. All you need to do is install an app on your phone, check your mail, search on Google and all this requires internet. Smartphones can only be used smartly when they have internet access. That is why the use of high speed internet has now become a necessity. Not only that, smartphone companies are also constantly innovating for high speed internet. With this in mind, Chinese brand Oppo can now offer light fidelity (Li-Fi) technology in its future smartphones.

The patent for the phone was ready

There are reports that the company is going to launch its own phone with Li-Fi technology. Oppo has recently developed a patent for the phone, which supports light centric connectivity. However, this technology came many years ago. But no one worked on it. Now Oppo wants to use it.

What is Li-Fi technology?

Li-Fi is a special technology in which data transfer is done with the help of LEDs. What is special is that Li-Fi technology works even when the light source is very low and the light is so low that it cannot be seen by the human eye. Which is why it's considered more secure than Wi-Fi. Unlike a Wi-Fi modem, this one is mounted on the outside.


The Ministry of IT tested Li-Fi in 2018

Li-Fi was tested in India in 2018 by the Ministry of Electronics and IT. The technology uses LED bulbs and light spectrum to deliver internet at a speed of 10GB per second in a radius of 1 km per hour. The idea was to connect difficult areas of the country that fiber technology could not reach. However, there is electricity in these areas.
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KACHCHH Jilla Aanganvadi Bharti 2020 at

KACHCHH Jilla Aanganvadi Bharti  2020 at

KACHCHH anganwadi recruitment 2020 latest notification| application form Anganwadi Recruitment 2020: Women and Children Development Department, Government of Gujarat (E-HRMS) have invited online application for the latest recruitment for the Anganwadi Worker and Helper Vacancy District-Wise.

Candidates who want to apply can check the Anganwadi Bharti 2020 in Gujarat Latest Notification  on the WCD Gujarat Website at and submit their apply online / application form by the last date.

  • Post Name : Anganwadi Worker, Anganwadi Helper 
  • Qualification : SSC Pass, HSC Pass
  • Age Limit : 18 to 33 Years
  • Selection Process : Base on Merit.

How to Apply For Aangadvadi Bharti In Gujarat :

  • First Open  For AAngadvadi bharti 2020 In gujarat
  • Then Open Recruitment Option In it. 
  • then Select your Job and district
  • Fill up all Detail properly and submit your application
  • Here We also put Pdf file for Aangadvadi bharti 2020 All guidelines
Gujarat Anganwadi Recruitment 2020 2021
The candidates who are looking 10th/ 12th Passed Govt Jobs In Gujarat State they may Get this Opportunity now through the Gujarat Anganwadi Bharti 2020. The Aspirants may apply Gujarat Anganwadi Recruitment 2020 2021 form Online if they need completed their SSC/ HSC Board classes. Here on this page, we've uploaded all the required details about WCD Bharti In Gujarat. The Applicants are seeking details about latest Gujarat Supervisor/ Helper/ Worker Vacancies 2020. We have mentioned information like Latest Vacancies in Anganwadi Gujarat Eligibility Criteria, Anganwadi Vacancy Notification, WCD Worker/ Helper/ Supervisor Exam Syllabus {Exam Pattern}, Admit Card, and Results {Cut off Marks}/ Merit List etc.



(3) The name of the applicant shall be in English and Gujarati, and all other details shall be filled in by the applicant in English.

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After Tiktok, now look at Microsoft's native app ShareChat, which can cost Rs. 750 crore investment

After Tiktok, now look at Microsoft's native app ShareChat, which can cost Rs. 750 crore investment

  • If this deal is done, it will be one third of the total valuation of the sharechat

New Delhi. While American tech giant Microsoft is in the final stages of negotiating the purchase of Tiktok, there are reports that it will also invest in ShareChat. According to the report, Microsoft Corporation may invest 10 100 million (approximately Rs. 750 crore) in ShareChat. However, Sherchat has declined to comment.

Attempts to obtain investment from existing investors

Sharechat is trying to get money from its existing investors. Instead of shaking hands with a new investor he is in discussions with old investors. Earlier, Twitter had invested 10 100 million (approximately Rs 750 crore) in ShareChat. The company was valued at 65 650 million (approximately Rs 48,000 crore) at the time.

Sources said the talks are at an early stage and if the deal goes through, Microsoft will invest Rs. 750 crore. This investment will help Sherchat grow its business. This is because there are many challenges facing the Indian application after the ban on the Chinese application.

Sharechat is a four year old social media platform

Sharechat is a 4 year old social media platform. The company currently has over 150 million registered users, while more than 60 million monthly active users. Currently, users spend about 25 minutes per day on its platform. This application is available in 15 languages. These include Hindi, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Oriya, Kannada, Assamese, Haryanvi, Rajasthani, Bhojpuri and Urdu. Share chat is available on both Android and iOS platforms, where users can download and use it.

Launched video sharing app Moj
ShareChat recently launched a video sharing application moj like TikTok. More than 1 million downloads were made before the app was launched for users. So far this app has received over 4 thousand reviews. Sherchet made the decision when the Indian government banned 59 Chinese applications, including TikTok. Moj has been created as an alternative to Tiktok.

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IRDA allows life insurance companies to issue e-insurance policies, this facility will be valid for all insurance policies

IRDA allows life insurance companies to issue e-insurance policies, this facility will be valid for all insurance policies

  • Policyholders will get a free look period of 30 days
  • If a customer asks for a hard copy, companies will have to send it

Delhi. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) has allowed life insurance companies to issue electronic insurance policies (e-policies) in view of the growing outbreak of the corona virus and the consequent lockdown. The IRDA said in a circular that the exemption would be valid for all insurance policies issued during the year 2020-21.

The policy can also be returned within the free look period

If the customer is not satisfied with the policy after receiving the e-policy, he can return it during the free look period. According to the IRDA, life and health insurance companies are required to give policyholders a free look period of 30 days.

The customer can also ask for a hard copy if he wants

According to the IRDA, if a customer asks for a hard copy or document, companies will have to send it to the customer. The IRDA has also allowed life insurers to send their investment returns electronically every quarter.

Read report in gujarati:: click here

The IRDA had alerted about the fraud

Recently, the IRDA warned people about fraud. The IRDA has asked insurance companies or registered agents to take out an insurance policy. According to the IRDA, many people deceive people by posing as insurance agents. Therefore, it is important to be on guard against such people.
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