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Gujarat Corona update date 18 july 2020

Gujarat Corona update date 18 july 2020

The number of Koro patients in the city is increasing by leaps and bounds. According to the figures released by the municipality and district administration, 295 new cases have been registered today. So that the total number of corona patients has reached 9996. There are 203 registered in the city today and 92 in the district. A total of 10 deaths have been reported today. So that the death toll is 426. Of these, 369 were from the city and 57 from the district. Today, 198 patients from the city and 78 patients from the district have been sent to the corona-free home. So that a total of 6391 patients have undergone corona. Out of which 945 are from the district. The report of a member of Ekta Trust who conducted the funeral of the deceased of Koro has come positive.

Several were infected, including traffic police and a doctor at a civil hospital
The newly registered case involved several doctors, 10 jewelers, 16 textile workers and several others. SMC's Katargam Zone Lab Technician, SMC's Civil Engineer, Rander Zone's Deputy Auditor, Limbayat Zone's Clerk, Rander Zone's Doctor, Jewelry Shop Worker, Smeemer's staff living in Katargam and DGVCL's staff, photographer, K. Several were infected, including a multi-storey typist, auto spare parts shop operator, Apple Hospital doctor, Kiran Hospital watchmen, BAPS hospital housekeeping staff, Reliance staff, Schmeier's staff nurse, vegetable seller, traffic police and civil hospital doctor.

More than 96 societies of Vadodara free from red zone
From April 18 to July 17, not a single case was reported in 96 societies in the North and South Zones, which were placed in the red zone following the outbreak of the corona virus in Vadodara city. As a result, all these 96 societies have been freed from the red zone and placed in the orange zone.

Another 13 positive cases were reported in Bharuch today
Corona's fate in Bharuch district has remained the same even today. In Bharuch district, 13 more cases of corona virus have been reported today. Thus the total number of positive cases of Corona has reached over 619. Regarding the increasing cases of corona virus in Bharuch, Collector Dr. M.D. Modi said that after Jayaben Modi Hospital, Alhammood Hospital, Sevashram Hospital in Bharuch and Patel Welfare Hospital have also been kept on standby. If a coronary patient dies, the funeral will be held on government land at the Ankleshwar end of the Golden Bridge.

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